Friday, September 2, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell

Such unique designs. Shoes are not only a fashion statement, they are art. Jeffrey Campbell is a true artist.

What I love about fashion is that you can express yourself. You can mix it up and go outside your comfort zone. You can keep it classy or go rock. Anything goes. Wear it and own it. Make anything you wear your own.

To each his own.



Welcome! :)

As you all have read, I'm a Greek girl from America living in Greece!

Trying to bring fashion to my country. There are various styles here. I work for a woman's magazine in my city called "Sweet Woman". I'm bringing a whole lot of international fashion.

It's a new magazine and this is the 3rd issue. The 4th issue is coming out soon!

The 4th issue is about weddings and baptisms.

A dream of mine was to work for a fashion magazine. Vogue would be the ideal magazine.

One step a time though :)